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partido brasil vs francia 26 marzo

Revolution organized by the Syria and the Egypt community on 20 and 22 January respectively. It will be crucial as we stated in our call for this global day of action (3) that socialist forces push for a consistent anti-imperialist and class struggle agenda. Naturally, it would be wrong to ignore the weaknesses of this day of action. Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the rcit, addressed the rally of the Egypt community and emphasized some lessons from the past years of struggles. The rcit has also published this Open Letter on its website in Spanish, Portuguese, German and Albanian language. On the Lessons of the US Presidential Election Outcome and the Perspectives for the Domestic and International Class Struggle, t/theory/meaning-of-trump/ ; Michael Pröbsting: US Presidential Election: The Victory of Donald Trump is a Historical Turning Point. The upcoming womens protest should turn towards these movements, as well as towards the oppressed people in the semi-colonial countries who will suffer the most from the Trump Era. Urgent Call which we recently published and which we ask all revolutionaries to seriously discuss with. Issued by the International Womens Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (rcit t, 18th January 2017, on 21 January we will witness one of the largest international womens days of action in history, with more than one million women. In Mexico City the comrades of the Mexican section of the rcit joined the march to the US embassy. Hardly any migrants or Muslims participated in the march (many American expatriates joined the demonstration but they can hardly be characterized as an oppressed layer in the Austria society). ...

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It showed that the popular masses are ready to fight back. Down with the Dictatorship of Assad and the Imperialist Aggression! (See the report with pictures and videos, including an interview a comrade gave to the media at the link below.) The comrades are emphasizing in their leaflets and speeches the necessity to link the protests against Trump and US imperialism. Hama, Aleppo, and Damascus the Syrian people continue their resistance and we continue our solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters. The best way we today can honor this revolutionary tradition of our sisters exactly one century ago is by our actions in practice. However, it also reflected the petty-bourgeois and reformist character of the present leadership of these struggles. Michael Pröbsting, the rcit's International Secretary, gave a vivid speech which was also translated into Arab by a Syrian brother. In summary, the 21 January marked an important first global reaction to the reactionary Trump Era. I this way it has the potential of transforming the Trump Era into an Era of consistent revolutionary struggle by the oppressed worldwide! It is the urgent task of revolutionaries to fight for the unification of authentic socialists on the basis of a platform which addresses the main questions of the global class struggle. To view pictures and videos of the rally and the speech of Michael Pröbsting, scroll down to the end of the German language report: another video report about the rally (including an interview with Michael Pröbsting in English language). He also put emphasis on the necessity of international solidarity organized by the oppressed themselves. The Austrian section of the rcit supported a rally of the Syrian community in Vienna on 30 March. (1) Nearly 5 million people demonstrated against the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.

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